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Being a busy mum and working for myself, my spare time is fairly limited and by the end of the day, I’m feeling like just relaxing and not having to think too much.

My seeming eternal battle with my weight then seems to catch up with me as I look what’s in the fridge for dinner, and wonder why I haven’t planned better so I have the things I need to stick with my fat loss program.

As I struggle with the feeling of depression at my failure again, it’s tempting to try one of the fad diets that give me a quick way to drop a couple of pounds on the scales. But I know that’s not the way to go, it has never worked out well in the past, and I only ended up with even more weight.

Still looking for the best rapid safe fat loss that I can find that does the most groundwork for me, I go searching again on the internet to see what is available.

This line caught my eye at the Strip That Fat

Weight BE Gone 60-Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back GUARANTEE!

Today is the day you stop lying to your body and giving it a false sense of hope with your fad diets. It is time to use a diet that actually works and treat your body the way it has always wanted to be treated.”

Ok, they are talking to me. What else do they have to say, and how can they help me get the rapid safe fat loss I’m wanting?

First up, they have a similar approach to Burn the Fat. “If you eat smaller meals more often and eat the right foods, you can actually eat more and lose more weight!”

But they have something different that sounds like a great help to me, it’s a Diet Generator.

You choose the foods that you want to eat, plug it into the system and your diet will be created for you. This tool includes both a printable shopping list (fantastic) and a printable diet outline. You can create as many “completely unique” diets as you want with this amazing software!

This creates diets on the fly and allows over 40,000 different diet combinations that you can choose from. You only have to eat the foods you like and you are not restricted as to how much you eat (like most diets).

And with the Diet Generator it is possible to lose up to 2lbs of fat every week. We’re not talking about only 2 pounds when you step on the scale, we’re talking about 100% FAT LOSS, and 2 pounds of it! That’s rapid safe fat loss.

And when I go to sign up I’m told “please note that this is only a ONE TIME CHARGE. This is the ONLY payment you will ever have to make for the Strip That Fat program (that is a good thing, more money in your wallet)!”

This really sounds like what I’ve been looking for.

So we are a week into the program and that Diet Generator is great. No more having to figure out what I need in the shopping for the next week, all the family preferences can be entered so we shop for all. We are eating better and starting to see the results already.

Click here to try Strip That Fat for yourself, including the Diet Generator, to get the Rapid Safe Fat Loss that you deserve.

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