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Why You Should Be Cautionary with Modern Diets

There are lots of diet programs that promise to aid you in losing weight, giving you the body of your dreams. Many diets aren’t able to deliver results that are desired without taking extreme and sometimes risky measures. Extreme diets … Continue reading

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Three Critical Reasons for Caution When Following a Diet

When considering a diet realize that while many promise miracles, few actually deliver them. Many of them might help you lose the pounds, but in a very unhealthy way. There are three things that you should think about before beginning … Continue reading

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The Top 3 Ways to Make Sure You Are Dieting Safely.

Popular diets are designed to give quick results. When you begin a new diet, you should follow these three rules of thumb: If you get rid of one of the main food groups, it means that you are not getting … Continue reading

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Rapid Safe Fat Loss Challenge – Strip that Fat

Having done the yo-yo diet thing for most of my life since teenage I was ready to really find a way to make the weight loss stick.  Having tried so many diets I figured that no-one was better qualified to … Continue reading

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Rapid Safe Fat Loss, Strip That Fat diet

Being a busy mum and working for myself, my spare time is fairly limited and by the end of the day, I’m feeling like just relaxing and not having to think too much. My seeming eternal battle with my weight … Continue reading

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